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Feeding Justice, Nourishing Unity

Dear Distinguished Learned Silks and Esteemed Colleagues,

As we gather under the banner of the NBA, Benin Branch, I am thrilled to share my vision for the Lion Bar. Our legal community deserves leadership that not only understands the intricacies of law but also knows how to bring people together.

*Organizing Excellence:* - As the Chairman of the 2023 Annual Bar Dinner Committee, I orchestrated memorable evenings that transcended mere gatherings. Our noble association enjoyed free dinners—an expression of gratitude to our legal fraternity. Because unity is best served with a side of camaraderie.

With unwavering determination, I sourced and secured over 9 Million Naira —to organise the Bar Dinner - (in a display of my commitment to our legal fraternity), were a four course dinning extravaganza was our delight:
1. *Pre-Dinner Delights*: the pre-dinner drinks— served with camaraderie. The NBA Benin, mingled, laughed, and forged connections.
2. First Course Harmony: Bread soup and chicken—a blend of tradition and innovation. Just like our legal system, nourishing and evolving.
3. Main Course Fusion: African and continental cuisine—abundantly provided, just as justice should be. A melting pot of flavors, mirroring our diverse legal community.
4. Dessert Symphony Skimmed and non-skimmed milk, paired with a variety of fruits. Sweetness and balance—a metaphor for our shared pursuit of fairness.

We feasted on more than just food; we nourished our bonds, exchanged ideas, and celebrated our shared commitment to justice.

When we break bread together, we break barriers. Let's extend this spirit beyond the dinner table. I envision a Benin Bar where lawyers collaborate seamlessly, where mentorship flows freely, and where justice thrives.

I'm a seasoned organizer, a believer in free dinners, and a champion of unity. Let's create a legacy together.

Vote and support a Flavorful Leadership:

More Than a Meal: Our mission isn't just about dinners; they're about nourishing our legal ecosystem.*



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