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NBA BENIN DECIDES Tim Obamedo-Woghiren:Leadership is Responsibility

#For a United and Towering Benin Bar

Tim Obamedo-Woghiren:Elegant in gait and measured in poise, is not your regular Lawyer .The most intriguing thing about him is his temperament, a mix of a sanguine and a choleric, Tim Obamedo-Woghiren likes treading on the road less travelled .

A very intelligent astute and charismatic lawyer , TOW , as he is fondly called by his admirers has a desire to make the Bar to TOWER High , higher above the diatribes of Anti Rule of Law Forces .

Riveting Tim is a people's delight .Delectable in appearance, brilliant in speech , benevolent at heart , he is the man that has the midas touch that every thing he touches turns to gold .

A testimony of his profound leadership qualities is the 2023 NBA Benin Annual Bar Dinner , where he gave the NBA Benin Members a dinner to remember. Do you know it was Four course meal? There was pre- dinner drinks,encompassing chops, chicken and cocktail drinks. Inside the Hall there was the First course meal encompassing Bread, soup and chicken,main course was more than a buffet,African and continental cuisines pervaded the Hall. The last course desert tingled with skimmed and un skimmed milk was a taste to savour. It was one with pomp and ceremony, exotic drinks and sumptuous dishes .It was dinner made in heaven .It was a night of glamour and glitz.In fact , it was a night that was like a replica of the America Oscars .It was a signature dinner that was the envy of many and the toast of others .

Before then ,Tim has been a bidge builder , a path finder and trail blazer.As a Young Lawyer he was respected and accorded accolades even by seniors because he carries himself very well.TOW" believes in the use of technology for the transformation of the workings of Lawyers and to ensure access to court .He has been in the Vanguard of protecting the interests of Lawyers and the general public .

He is a devout Christian, married with lovely kids who are doing well in their own rights. He is from the popular Obamedo Woghiren Family, whose patriach (Chief Ekokhenomwenoghe Woghiren) the First Obamedo of Benin kingdom,is the grand-child of Oba Obanosa,Oba of Benin Kingdom (1804A.D) A family among the aboriginal Benins ,who are from the City Centre.He is a blue blood" ,but His hear as as pure as white and his generosity towers above his height .

Tim Obamedo-Woghiren is a game changer and go getter .He is man of substance and a leader par excellence.

He is the man for the moment. He is TOW,"he is poised to tower the bar higher .

He is bridge builder and a peace maker .He has seen God for the bible says blessed are the by peace makers for they shall see God .

You better join the team of Tim,because that is the winning team. .


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