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Olumide Akpata; Our Bone and Flesh: By M

Growing up, I used to consider the bone as part of the meat because my preference was mostly for the size. My mother in her usual loving character tried many times to convince me that the seemingly small flesh of meat is better than my preference which has less flesh and more bones. My older brother gladly accepted what I rejected since he was old enough to understand what my mother was trying to tell me. Now I know why he preferred the flesh.

We had a choice to make between bone and flesh then but now life serves us both without any opportunity to pick and choose. Sometimes we have to eat the two simultaneously.
Some are fortunate that their life is already in their season of flesh while others are still managing the bone that life has thrown at them.

As lawyers, most of us start off with bones, working our ways through life, struggling to find our feet, praying to make a name for ourselves in the profession. Some are luckier, born into affluent families, or raised by parents whose names are synonymous with the legal or justice sector. Quickly they move into the big leagues and attain heights that their mates are still dreaming off, moving seamlessly to their season of flesh.

As a body of lawyers, we now have both the meat and the flesh in one person who desires to lead us. For those flesh in the profession he is available for them,the giants,the movers and shakers of our brand, he can relate with the top tiers- and he can do all this because he has transcended and attained that status.

For the bones, the vulnerable, the young, the average lawyer on the street, the so called ‘charge and bail lawyers’, the ‘no savings and no clientele’ lawyers – Olumide Akpata can effectively understand their plights and relate with them too. For me, he is our bone and flesh, all in one and our hope for the future of the legal profession.

I stand with Olumide Akpata,I stand with a new bar anchored on truth, progress and development irrespective of your cadre in the profession. A bar where the interest of all are met whether you are ‘flesh’ or ‘bone’.

Join John to vote Olumide Akpata come 29th/30th July 2020.

John Mayokun Dada
Immediate past Secretary
NBA Ilorin Branch


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